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We get it.

Science is boring.

The pages are too long, the language too dry, it's a wonder biologists haven't gone extinct. Yet, biology still remains a primal component of our functioning as human beings. Shouldn't we make an effort to understand the processes that govern our lives and dictate modern advancements? Can't we do so in a fun, engaging way that doesn't make us want to run away in fear at the mere thought of a cell?

This is where The Geneie comes in.

The Geneie was created as an initiative to help change the way we think about science. To do this, we decided to create an informal, casual environment where people could gather to discuss pressing scientific topics. With inspiring guests and relevant, thought-provoking topics, we at The Geneie, we hope to reignite an interest in the life sciences, and challenge the stigma that science is boring. 

So grab your coffee, put your headphones on, and get ready to join us on a journey to make science fun again, one conversation at a time.

Meet Your Host
Meet Salma

The voice of The Geneie >

Starting this podcast meant that I could finally communicate my passion for science to people in a simple but exciting way.

voice of The Geneie

As a biologist, I've always been fascinated by science.

This fascination, although stimulating, usually only allows me to share my enthusiasm with others in STEM.  This wasn't a problem in the past, but things changed when the pandemic hit.

The world suddenly had to understand complex topics ranging from virology and genetics all the way to biotech. Fortunately, my training in the sciences gave me the knowledge I needed to navigate the messy reality we were living in. I quickly realised that I I could use this to get others up to speed, and that it didn't have to be a bore. 

The Geneie was thus born as an attempt to bring you, dear listener, into the world of science. By interviewing pioneers in the field on a variety of interesting topics, we hope to make science fun and exciting again. So, what do you say? Are you ready to give science a second chance? I promise it won't be as soul-sucking as your last Bio 101 class.

- Salma x

Founder and host of The Geneie podcast

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